Jaxon Stickler

Assisting with deep visions for Other systems and new futures through building core artefacts.

Jaxon seeks to create works that blur the bounduries between human and non-human, organic and inorganic, self and other, initiating the destruction of hierarchichal binaries.

He aims to inspire clients and audiences to rethink their roles and responsibilities in a complex and interconnected world.

Open to collaborative projects as well as offering creative direction & design research services.


Email: jaxonstickler@gmail.com
Instagram: @jaxonstickler

USBKill Charm 1-3  2024

An imbued weapon for enacting violence against biosphere harming infrastructure & technology. This jewelry piece destroys the circuitry of the equipment it is plugged into.

Comprised of hundreds of intricately modeled platelets forged from laser-sintered aluminum. Embedded within these plates lies a USB killswitch device. Developed by Russian computer researcher Dark Purple it draws power into its capacitors and repeatedly sends a high-powered voltage surge back into the datalines of the device it is connected to.

Dyneema Sk87 Bio-based HMPE Fibres are handwoven into Nejiri Gumi Kumihimo by artist/designer Celina Samarakoon, forming the cord that connects this artifact to its wielder.

A machine amulet.