Jaxon Stickler

Assisting with deep visions for Other systems and new futures through building core artefacts.

Jaxon seeks to create works that blur the bounduries between human and non-human, organic and inorganic, self and other, initiating the destruction of hierarchichal binaries.

He aims to inspire clients and audiences to rethink their roles and responsibilities in a complex and interconnected world.

Open to collaborative projects as well as offering creative direction & design research services.


Email: jaxonstickler@gmail.com
Instagram: @jaxonstickler

Lightshrine 1-6 2024

A system for building low-light ritual behaviour.

Switching a light on once the sun goes down is a habit engrained into modern life. This object aims to grab this focus and redirect it towards cultivating new protocols of interdependence. These practices can range from simple acts of attention and observation to more complex forms of ceremony and performance.

Crafted from Japanese washi, each delicate sheet is lasercut and soaked in beeswax. The form is meticulously stitched and tensioned into the semblance of a bulb and bound together by folds of oxidised metal. Mount on a vertical surface, preferably above a position where offerings can be made. Electrical soldering and wall mount system by Designer Haoqi Hong.

A burnished construct.