Jaxon Stickler

Assisting with deep visions for Other systems and new futures through building core artefacts.

Jaxon seeks to create works that blur the bounduries between human and non-human, organic and inorganic, self and other, initiating the destruction of hierarchichal binaries.

He aims to inspire clients and audiences to rethink their roles and responsibilities in a complex and interconnected world.

Open to collaborative projects as well as offering creative direction & design research services.


Email: jaxonstickler@gmail.com
Instagram: @jaxonstickler


Experiments in Sculpture, Design, Film & Sound for Non-Human Realms by Chloe Newberry, Jaxon Stickler, Raphael Lindzhendao & Indi Jennings

Funded by The City of Melbourne

Group Statement:
Our combined efforts explore mythic forms, ruined space, creaturely bodies and earthly constructs.

Non-human revenge narratives catalyze to dismantle entrenched hierarchies that mold the world.

Post-humanist tendencies emerge.

Eroded metal plates pulse with vibrations of regional terrain they map.

Methods & outcomes intercept invisible signals, raw intuition drives padded shapes and electro signal-blocking fabric turns to stone. 

Our drones hover within the crust of the earth.