Jaxon Stickler

Assisting with deep visions for Other systems and new futures through building core artefacts.

Jaxon seeks to create works that blur the bounduries between human and non-human, organic and inorganic, self and other, initiating the destruction of hierarchichal binaries.

He aims to inspire clients and audiences to rethink their roles and responsibilities in a complex and interconnected world.

Open to collaborative projects as well as offering creative direction & design research services.


Email: jaxonstickler@gmail.com
Instagram: @jaxonstickler

Field Study 01 2021

A patchwork of primary visual research and digital experimentation. An exploration of place+spirit and how we interface with landscape once removed from its surface.
Field Study 01 begins with a pilgrimage into the SW of TAS to explore Ambience in Landscape through a series of short   visual studies taken with my digital camera. These focus upon landscapes within the Denison Range sourounding Lake   Rhona, on Lutrawita Country.

Once returned from the location this visual information was then Abstracted/Interpreted/Deciphered. Further research   of place was conducted through digital tools such as Geographic Information Systems, color processing software and   Adobe AI tools. This research was done once removed from the landscape, and so these digital tools allowed an   interfacing with place through a different perspective.

I then used CLO3D to begin a series of design experiements that sought to store this infromation within garment   archetypes. This process seeks an understanding of the landscape and environment through analysis and re-   interpretation. It pokes and prods at various systems that exist within the landscape but are hard to define with the   naked eye, searching to generate new biases and language with which to value the natural world beyond its perceived   beauty.

The final result culminating in a digital entity that holds Knowledge of Place, through its re-structuring of information into garments.